Announcing 13 Vaults!

After just three weeks (!!!) of intense development and work, I am proud to announce that 13 Vaults is here!

What Is 13 Vaults?

13 Vaults is a site that functions as both a reference and a set of tools to help you play, prep, and run games for the 13th Age RPG. That means if you are a player or a GM for 13th Age, then you will most likely find something useful here.

As a player, you will find an easy-to-navigate and well-designed reference for all the aspects of your 13th Age characters. From rules on character creation to a full reference on your class, 13 Vaults provides the necessary information for your characters.

As a GM, you will find the full rules reference needed to run a 13th Age game. Additionally, you will find tools to help you run your games smoothly.

Why the Name 13 Vaults?

I like the idea that there is a group of people curating information on the world of the 13th Age. They have recorded stories, creatures, and legendary heroes. They then curate this knowledge in 13 vaults, where it’s itemized and categorized and easily perused, of course. The number thirteen to 1) make an obvious reference to 13th Age, and 2) to indicate the vast amount of knowledge contained therein.

13 Vaults Is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

Unlike most other online resources for roleplaying games out there, 13 Vaults is free and open source software (FOSS). The tools, the guides, and all of the custom content produced on 13 Vaults won’t be able to disappear because of any individual or company deciding to take it down. 13 Vaults and its content will last as long there is someone willing to put in the work to keep going. Fortunately for the people who use 13 Vaults, I do not intend to stop working on 13 Vaults anytime soon!

You can view the entire source code and content of 13 Vaults on GitHub:

13 Vaults Content

We currently have all of the basic rules from the 13th Age SRD, as well as most of the core races and classes. In the near future I will be bringing in the rest of the SRD classes and races, and after that I will be bringing in more content—both official and from the wealth of community-made content.

Content in the Works

As mentioned before, more 13th Age core content will be added very soon! Classes such as the Monk and Druid are sorely missed by many, as well as my favorite class the Commander. So to be more specific, the Chaos Mage, Druid, Monk, Necromancer, and Occultist will be the next classes added, and they will be available over the coming weeks.

I am also happy to announce that in the works is German language support! I am working with 13th Age community member Max Hilbrunner to get all of the content on 13 Vaults translated into German, and future content as well. Managing this can be somewhat tricky with how fast content will be coming into the site, but rest assured that I will work hard to get 13 Vaults to support multiple languages and make sure that those who don’t speak English will be able to enjoy 13th Age as well!

This Is Just the Beginning

There will be much more to see in the future, including community guides and the encounter builder, and I will be talking more about those as those features become closer to landing in 13 Vaults! I have lots of plans for 13 Vaults to bring more tools and helpful information for both players and GMs alike in the coming months. This is only the beginning and there will definitely be more to come!

With all of that said, it’s been a very fast three weeks as I’ve been working on this and I’m excited to hear what you have to say and hear your ideas on how 13 Vaults can get better!

– Sean, head curator of the 13 Vaults

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