Foundry 13th Age System Update 1.25.1

Update 1.25.1 for the official Foundry 13th Age system was just released. This smaller update contains mostly a few bug fixes and UI improvements. As always, backup your game before updating the system!

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • NPC sheet headers got a small facelift, making more efficient use of space. Toggling details is now less fiddly, the actor image got room to breathe and is bigger, and empty fields for Resistances and Vulnerabilities are only shown when expanded.
  • Token names are now used in chat instead of actor names wherever possible for less spoilers and improved consistency, as was already the case for targeting automation.
  • Escalation Die controls (+/-) are now hidden for non-GM players. They couldn’t be used anyway!
  • The Escalation Die and Terrain UI are now attached to the macro hotbar and move with it, properly adapting to various screen resolutions, configurations and aspect ratios.
  • Added a new system compendium for Random Monster Abilities.
  • Added system roll tables for dire animals, demons and dragons based on the above.
  • Icon names are now used for the Bard, Chaos Mage, Druid and Sorcerer content, thanks to the system becoming official.
  • Macro data is now unpacked in case a macro replaces variables instead of modifying them.
  • Both Hampered and Hindered conditions are now kept around to make sure old 1e references still work in 2e.
  • Fixed editing NPC sheets in Night Mode, changing the header will no longer have white-on-white popup text.
  • Fixed rolling a few powers like Charm Person resulting in too many dice rolls.
  • Fixed a few tooltips, hints and outdated references to older Foundry data structures.
  • Fixed PopOut! module compatibility, power/item detail toggling and tab switching now work in popouts.
  • Fixed the system Active Effect sheet so it no longer removes changes made via other means (like the core sheet) or generates empty changes.


  • The vs. (as in +7 vs. AC) in chat cards, powers etc. can now be properly localized.
  • Equipment bonuses in the sheet inventory tab can now localized.
  • Even/odd trigger handling was improved for easier localization.
  • Added various new translation strings that were hardcoded before.

The full changelog can be found on Gitlab.


– Max, sentient construct of the 13 Vaults.

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