June 2023 Progress Update

Howdy! In this month’s progress update we’ll be going over some of the changes made in the last month of 13 Vaults development. Summer is quite busy for me, so there hasn’t been a ton of free time to work on 13 Vaults, but I was still able to make some noticeable changes.

Monster Stat Blocks

I’ve completed, for the most part, monster stat blocks! Here’s what it looks like!


4th level spoiler [CELESTIAL]

Vulpinals are the most outgoing and friendly of the agathions, taking on a role of wide ranging traveller and storyteller rather than the more warrior nature of many other agathions.

Initiative: +7

HP: 58
AC: 19
PD: 15
MD: 17
  • Claws and Bite +9 vs. AC12 damage
    • Natural Even Hit:

       The vulpinal can pop free from the target.

  • R: Holy Smite +9 vs. PD8 holy damage.
    • Natural Even Hit:

       The target is also dazed until the end of the vulpinal’s next turn.

    • Limited Use:

       2/battle, when the escalation die is even.

  • R: Aura of Calm Emotions +10 vs. MD (all engaged enemies plus 1d2 nearby enemies)The target is hampered (save ends).
    • Natural 14+:

       The target is hampered and can’t add the escalation die to its attacks (save ends both).

    • Natural 18+:

       The target can’t make any attacks (save ends).

    • Miss:

       The target is immune to this attack until the end of the battle.

    • Quick Use:

       This attack only requires a quick action (once per turn) when the escalation die is even.

  • Invisibility:

     As a standard action while it is unengaged, the vulpinal can turn invisible

  • Resist Lightning 12+

The Vulpinal stat block is from Paper and Dice—check them out!

When will we see these in 13 Vaults, you ask? After I finish up the last remaining classes I will be spitballing some ideas on getting all 13th Age monster stat blocks into 13 Vaults. At the moment I’m not entirely sure what that will look like, but we have the ability to bring them in now that there is a stat block design 🙂

Light/Dark Theme Toggle

A small, but very useful, button has been added to the top navigation bar! Before, we just made the theme of 13 Vaults whatever your operating system was. Now, you can manually change it by clicking that button and choosing the theme. “System” will make it behave like before.


Like I said before, there hasn’t been too much you can see, but I have been getting things done while I can in the summer months! I’ve gotten the first guide submitted to me and over the next month I’ll be building out the Guides section of 13 Vaults to accomodate that. Additionally, I’ll probably be doing another community showcase before next month’s progress update, so keep a look out for that!

Til next time!

– Sean, head curator of the 13 Vaults.

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