March 2023 Progress Update

Earlier this month I announced the roadmap for 13 Vaults, including the work intended to be finished in March. In this progress update I’ll go over the what has been accomplished so far and the work that remains.

First, Some News!

Max Hilbrunner is now part of the core team! He’s on the Godot game engine core team as well as the one leading work on bringing German language support to the 13th Age Foundry VTT system and the work here on 13 Vaults!

He certainly understands the FOSS ethos and working in an open-source project with others so I was happy to extend him an invitation to help put 13 Vaults in top-notch shape. We both have many ideas we want to see in 13 Vaults and I’m glad to have him!

Let’s see how March is shaping up, though!

The Original Plan

Back in the initial roadmap announcement I announced the following work to be completed in the month of March:

Adding the Following Classes

  • Occultist
  • Monk
  • Druid
  • Commander
  • Chaos Mage
  • Demonologist

Adding the Following Races

  • Unholy Ones
  • Twygzog
  • Lizardman
  • Beastblooded
  • Arcanite
  • Alleykin
  • Space Corps Explorer

Besides just that, I’ve also added many new planned updates for March, which you can see on the March 2023 milestone on GitHub.

Progress on the March content

As far as the classes go, the monk has been added in. Classes definitely take the most amount of work to add and the monk was the first of which to get added. The races, though, are where much of the work has been done. All seven of the races planned to be added are in! Feel free to take a look at all of them!

Looking at the closed issues on the milestone, you can see several other things have been addressed, such as the following:

  • Several UI updates to blog posts to make them more interesting and readable
  • UI bugfixes that affected certain browsers or device sizes
  • Additional work to prepare for multi-language support
  • Improved class pages to make them more interesting to readers

What’s Left?

There are two big things left for March:

  1. Classes
  2. German language support

For the classes, they’ll be trickling in over the following weeks. They do take a lot of work individually, but they are more time consuming than difficult.

I wasn’t certain about the feasibility of German language support landing in March back during the initial announcement and was a little apprehensive to say anything at all. That said, Max and his team have been busy adding German language support for the 13th Age Foundry VTT system.

On top of all of that, there are several rules pages that I certainly want to add to the compendium this month, as well as address a few bugs and add some small UI tweaks.

More Work to Be Done

At the time of this writing, the March 2023 milestone sits at 51% complete while we are less than halfway through March itself. This is good progress, we are right on schedule!

We’ll be seeing updates come in through to the end of March where I’ll be back to review how the first month of development has gone for 13 Vaults, and what to expect for April and the following months. I’m really excited to see how March shapes up—it’s been nice to see 13 Vaults continue to develop and become more useful to more people with each new change!

Until next time!

– Sean, head curator of the 13 Vaults.

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