Book of Ages, p.80

Attention all citizens! The nefarious 'Nightclaw' is wanted for the heinous robbery of Magistrate Valerius. Be vigilant and report any sightings to the authorities at once, for this elusive feline is not to be underestimated!

Wanted poster found in the city of Serenith, circa 13a.6

A cunning and nimble race of humanoid cats that often live on the outskirts of society.

Racial Bonus

Alleykin gain a +2 bonus to either Dexterity or Charisma.

Racial Powers


Racial Power

Once per battle, reduce the damage you take from an attack by 1d6 × your level. Then deal that much damage to one enemy engaged with you.

  • Adventurer Feat:

    You take half damage from falls.

  • Champion Feat:

    After you use elusive, you can immediately roll a free disengage check.

  • Epic Feat:

    Once when you die, it turns out you weren’t dead after all. You find your allies during the next rest, having spent enough recoveries to get above staggered.