Book of Ages, p.77

13 Vaults currently only has information for 13th Age first edition only. Information on 13 Vaults may not reflect newer editions of the game.

Human-like in appearance with the ability to control deep and powerful magic, they have kept themselves hidden for hundreds of years.

Racial Bonus

Arcanites gain a +2 bonus to either Intelligence or Charisma.

Racial Powers

Arcane Attunement

Racial Power

Once per battle, before you make a saving throw against a magical effect, OR just after the battle before you roll to recharge for a spell or magic item recharge, you may choose to roll two d20s instead of one and pick the best result.

  • Adventurer Feat:

    You may cast the wizard spell counter-magic twice per day, using your highest ability score in place of Intelligence and your level (or one lower) as the level of the spell.

  • Champion Feat:

    You gain +2 to all your defenses against spells and spell-like attacks.

  • Epic Feat:

    When you are reduced to 0 hp, deal 10d6 damage to a nearby enemy.