13th Age, p.69

13 Vaults currently only has information for 13th Age first edition only. Information on 13 Vaults may not reflect newer editions of the game.

A blending of both human and elf, they are a people who possess a unique blend of traits that let them thrive in many situations.

Racial Bonus

+2 Con or +2 Cha

Racial Powers


Racial Power

Once per battle, subtract one from the natural result of one of your own d20 rolls.

  • Champion Feat:

    You gain an additional use of surprising each battle, but you can only use it to affect a nearby ally’s d20 roll.

Racial Feats

Heritage of the Sword (Elf)

Racial Feat

  • Champion Feat:

    If you can already use swords that deal d6 and d8 damage without attack penalties, you gain a +2 damage bonus with them. (This bonus doesn’t increase miss damage.) Otherwise, if your class would ordinarily have an attack penalty with such swords, you can now use them without penalties.