13th Age, p.65

As I lay on the ground, beaten and bruised, I looked up to see 'im standin over me. I had always heard they were brutish and cruel, but he was the one who saved my life that day, and I learned to never judge someone based on rumors and hearsay.

Edith Alderly, during an interview of survivors in the aftermath of a dragon attack, circa 13a.42

Not actually the offspring of orcs and humans, but instead a distinct species of their own, they boast exceptional willpower to keep on fighting in the heat of battle.

Racial Bonus

+2 Str or +2 Dex

Racial Powers


Racial Power

Once per battle, reroll a melee attack and use the roll you prefer as the result.

Note that you can’t use this ability if the attack drops you to 0 hp or below. You’ve got to be on your feet to sneer at their attack and recover.

  • Champion Feat:

    If the lethal attack reroll is a natural 16+, you can use lethal again later this battle.