Book of Ages, p.88

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A versatile and culturally flexible people, seamlessly incorporating the norms and values of their surroundings.

Racial Bonus

Lizardmen gain a +2 bonus to either Dexterity or Constitution.

Racial Powers


Racial Power

Once per battle, you may declare you are entering a frenzy. Make the following attack:

Quick action

Special: You can make a number of attacks equal to the escalation die, but may only target a single creature with half of the potential attacks (rounded up).

Target: One creature engaged with you

Attack: 6 + your level vs. AC

Hit: 1d8 X your level damage.

Miss: You take damage equal to your level.

  • Adventurer Feat:

    Once per day when grabbed or stuck, you can spend a recovery (regaining no hp) and end that condition on yourself.

  • Champion Feat:

    You may replace one of your frenzy attacks with an at-will or basic attack.

  • Epic Feat:

    As a standard action, you may move across any relatively flat surface (a calm lake, a wall, a ceiling, etc.).