13th Age Bestiary, p.87

We stumbled upon what appeared to be an abandoned village in the shadowy depths of the Ombarb Wood, completely covered in fungus, mold, and decay. That's where we came upon the group of 'Zogs.

Althea Stormbringer, leader of the Silver Blades, recounting her discovery of the Twygzogs during her adventuring days in the 11th Age.

Sentient fungaloids that demonstrate the ability to cooperate with other sentient races, unlike most other fungus creatures.

Your creature type is plant instead of humanoid.

Racial Bonus

Twygzog gain a +2 bonus to either Strength or Constitution.

Racial Powers

Fungal Biology

Racial Power

Once battle per battle when you fail a saving throw (including a death save), reroll the save and abide by the reroll.

  • Champion Feat:

    You gain a bonus to fungal biology saves equal to your Constitution modifier.

Racial Feats

Fungal Survivor

Racial Feat

  • Champion Feat:

    Whenever you would deal miss damage with a melee attack, you can choose to instead heal hit points equal to your level.

Racial Talents

Fungal Companion

Racial Talent

You sprout a tiny fungal minion. Use the rules for the Wizard’s Familiar talent. Twygzogs who take this feat can have the fungal minion and a regular familiar or companion granted by class features or feats. In order to sprout a fungal companion you must spend a talent, replacing one of your class talents with the Fungal Companion talent.