Unholy Ones

Book of Ages, p.57

13 Vaults currently only has information for 13th Age first edition only. Information on 13 Vaults may not reflect newer editions of the game.

Once human, after pacts made with unholy deities, gained powerful abilities while becoming twisted and corrupted.

Racial Bonus

Unholy Ones gain a +2 bonus to either Strength or Charisma.

Racial Powers


Racial Power

Once per battle when you heal using a recovery, you may activate this power. One nearby enemy loses hp equal to 1d4 X your level, and you regain half that many additional hp. However, if the damage kills the random enemy, you only regain half as many hp as they had before the damage. So if you do 16 damage to an enemy and that doesn’t kill them, you regain 8 hp; if you do 16 damage to an enemy and they only had 12 hp, they die and you only regain 6 hp.

  • Adventurer Feat:

    When you reduce a non-mook enemy to 0 hp with an attack, the closest nearby staggered enemy with fewer hp than you is dazed until the end of its next turn.

  • Champion Feat:

    When you use drain, gain a +4 bonus to your next attack roll, or +2 if drain reduced the enemy to 0 hp.

  • Epic Feat:

    The first enemy you hit each battle must roll their next d20 roll twice and use the lower result.